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At some point, almost everyone has suffered from a toothache. If you are one of them, you know how painful this can be. However, you might not realize when a toothache is serious. After all, the pain might go away after a few days. Even so, that does not automatically discount a major issue. So, if you experience a problem, it is worth seeing a dentist.

Differentiating between a mild and serious toothache

As stated, someone with even a mild toothache should still schedule an appointment with a dental clinic. That way, a dentist can determine if there is any cause for concern. Regardless, an individual can get the proper treatment. Not only will this make them feel better, but it could also prevent long-term dental problems.

In severe cases, an individual should seek emergency treatment. Today, almost every dental clinic offers after-hour care. That way, a patient does not have to live with pain for days without any relief. So, how is someone supposed to know when a toothache is serious?

Long-lasting pain

If someone bites down hard on something or gets hit in the face, a toothache might ensue. However, the pain typically goes away after one to two days. So, if an individual develops a toothache that lasts longer, they need to see a dentist immediately. This is one example of someone who needs to seek emergency dental care.

Intense pain

There is no such thing as a painless toothache. Even when mild, this can disrupt a person’s life. Some toothaches are more severe than others. Experiencing serious pain is a sign that something is going on. Rather than wait to see if the pain subsides, patients need to get into a dental clinic as soon as possible.

Foul odor and drainage

The most common reason that someone would notice foul breath and drainage is they have a bacterial infection. However, if not properly and quickly treated, it could worsen. For one thing, an infection in a single tooth could spread to other teeth and the gums. For another, it could spread to other parts of the body. If that happens, a patient now has a secondary problem.

Pain beyond a tooth

Having a toothache is already bad, but some people begin to experience pain outside of the mouth. It is relatively common for a severe toothache to cause pain in the ears, neck, and jaw. Although a toothache and ear pain are commonly seen in smaller children, they affect adults too. Sometimes, a person will also get headaches. Pain that goes beyond a tooth is a telltale sign of needing emergency dental care.


A mild toothache would likely not cause a fever. On the other hand, a serious toothache can. Most often, this is caused by a bacterial infection. When fever accompanies a toothache, even if low, an individual should not wait to visit a dental clinic. Along with fixing the tooth, this could prevent the infection from spreading.

Take any toothache seriously

In addition to regular checkups and cleanings, you can prevent a toothache with good oral hygiene. Again, if you get a toothache but it goes away quickly, you might not have anything to worry about. On the other hand, one that lasts longer than two days should prompt you to see a dentist. By taking care of your teeth, you also take care of your body.

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