Tooth Sensitivity Cleburne, TX

Are you looking for information on tooth sensitivities so you can figure out why your teeth are sensitive? Finding out the reason behind your tooth sensitivity is necessary so that you can find the right solution. When your teeth are sensitive, it can be difficult for you to go through your day without experiencing some level of tooth pain. If you consume certain foods or drinks and experience tooth pain, all you can think about is finding a solution so your teeth will no longer be sensitive.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

The following is a list of some of the more common causes for why someone would be experiencing sensitivity in one or more of their teeth. When someone who is suffering from sensitive teeth understands the reason why, they are able to take the appropriate measures to end the sensitivity.

  1. The enamel on the teeth is worn down.This is often caused by clenching or grinding ones teeth or by eating too many acidic foods or drinks, such as candy or sweet soft drinks
  2. The roots of the teeth are exposed, which is often caused by not providing the mouth with the proper oral care. When the roots of teeth are no longer protected by the gums, they are then exposed to bacteria and various acids, which can then cause sensitivity
  3. There is crack in one or more of the teeth that goes all the way down to the root
  4. One or more fillings are worn down, which often causes extreme sensitivity to hot foods and drinks as well as cold foods and drinks
  5. Gum disease commonly causes the teeth to become sensitive because it causes the gums to recede, which means that they are no longer able to fully protect the teeth
  6. Brushing the teeth too hard or using a hard-bristled toothbrush will eventually wear down their protective layers, making them more susceptible to being sensitive
  7. Tooth whitening can often make someone’s teeth sensitive, but usually only on a temporary basis

Treatment options for sensitive teeth

The following are some of the more common treatment options available for those who are experiencing sensitive teeth: Using a desensitizing toothpaste, using a fluoride gel, dental sealants, dental bonding, dental fillings, a surgical gum graft or a root canal. It will simply depend on each dental patient's particular situation when it comes to which treatment option is going to be right for them.

Are your teeth currently sensitive?

If you are someone who is currently experiencing tooth sensitivity and are looking for solutions available to you, we invite you to contact us now to schedule an appointment. You will be able to discuss your particular situation with one of our experienced dentists, who will suggest a treatment plan for your sensitive teeth. The sooner you call us to make an appointment, the sooner you can start eating and drinking without having to experience any pain.

Request an appointment here: or call Nolan River Dental Center at (817) 517-6453 for an appointment in our Cleburne office.

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